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Cosmos International University is a distinctly prestigious and heuristic research institute, which is one of the branches of Christian Development International Ministry. It is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable, educational, and organizational institute amalgamated with some trustable and prodigiously habilitated international men and women. It's been professedly instituted since the year 1999 in Bangkok.

What Kind Of Education Does Cosmos International University Offer?Edit

Because of the ingeniously copacetic education we offer, Cosmos International University becomes the world's first incorporated organizational university which is spontaneously recognized by universities, international schools and research institutes around the world. Cosmos International University was established on the basis of freedom, human rights, knowledge, wisdom, truth, love and philosophy, and it is authorized to confer Master's and Doctorate degrees to intellectually capacitated and qualified individuals regardless of race, gender, nationality, skin color, religion and country of origin.

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